Meet Deidre Pujols

The wife of Albert Pujols is our topic today.  Deidre Pujols grew up in Roeland Park, Kansas, with her  mom, dad and little brother. Her father’s side of the family is Mexican-American and growing up she would hear her great grandmothers speaking Spanish and loved it! She took Spanish all through school, but that didn’t work out too well because she didn’t like school all that much and didn’t pay as much attention in class as she should have.

In 1998, Deidre met the young man who would become her husband, Albert. At the time, Albert was just 18; Deidre was 21.  Albert Pujols had come to the United States from the Dominican Republic and when they first met, his English wasn’t so good.  But, “He was cute”,  Deidre says,  and so she did her best to communicate with him in his native language.  It was then that Deidre realized that she should have paid more attention in those high school Spanish classes!

Albert and Deidre have three children;  Sophia, Isabella and Albert Pujols, Jr.

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