Commissioner’s Box Seats: An Overview

A question that is asked quite a bit is about the Commissioner’s Box seats at Busch Stadium. These are hands down, some of the very best seats in the entire stadium!

These seats are located right next to the St. Louis Cardinals dugout. Giving you a view from about 15 feet into the dugout during the entire game. You are literally feet away from your favorite players.

Actual View from your seats:

The experience begins when you arrive at the stadium, you will be given a bracelet to wear denoting the section you are sitting in, in case you leave and come back.  Then you are able to watch batting practice from on the field in a specially sectioned off area in front of the Cardinals dugout. While batting practice is taking place, you are given the opportunity to sit in the Cardinals dugout and have your picture taken and to take a few photo’s as well.

Back at your seats, you have unlimited drinks and food, as much as you’d care to eat or drink, brought to you by the waiter or waitress. It’s truly a great way to enjoy the best baseball team in the land!

Commissioners Box certainly is a treat to anyone, and they often sell out very quickly. To find tickets for the Commissioner’s Box, you can often find them here.

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