I-70 might drop McGwire

JUPITER, Fla. — The stretch of Interstate 70 that runs through the city of St. Louis is apparently going back to its old name.

On Tuesday, the Missouri Senate approved a measure that would change the designation of that stretch of road back to the “Mark Twain Highway.” It was renamed the “Mark McGwire Highway” in 1999 after McGwire’s record-breaking 70-home run ’98 season.

The bill was introduced as Senate Bill 841, and it also includes provisions to name three additional stretches of Missouri highway for Dave Sinclair, Johnny Lee Hays and police officer Ernest M. Brockman Sr.

“If it turns out that they do [change the name], I was honored to have it for 10 years,” McGwire told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch on Tuesday.

The Missouri House must also approve the measure before it goes into effect.

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