What I’m Reading: “Wizard” by Ozzie Smith and Rob Rains

Wizard, by Ozzie Smith and Rob Rains, was the first sports autobiography I ever read. I got the book from the bookmobile that came by Ellisville Elementary School, which in retrospect is strange, as our school had a library. Nonetheless, I remember emerging from the bookmobile with my prize, leaning my back against the wallContinue reading “What I’m Reading: “Wizard” by Ozzie Smith and Rob Rains”

What I’m Reading: “The Cardinals Way” by Howard Megdal

The Cardinals Way: How One Team Embraced Tradition and Moneyball at the Same Time is an ambitious book that does a lot of things really well and makes for a captivating read. Author Howard Megdal illustrates the way in which the team’s conversion to analytics was not out of line with the team’s history, whichContinue reading “What I’m Reading: “The Cardinals Way” by Howard Megdal”

What I’m Reading: “Whitey Herzog Builds a Winner” by Doug Feldmann

With Whitey Herzog Builds a Winner: The St. Louis Cardinals, 1979-1982, Doug Feldmann traces the Cardinals’ path to the 1982 World Series championship from Lou Brock’s final season in 1979 to Bruce Sutter’s final pitch in Game 7. Feldmann’s decision to focus the first two chapters on Brock’s resurgent final season is an interesting oneContinue reading “What I’m Reading: “Whitey Herzog Builds a Winner” by Doug Feldmann”

What I’m Reading: “Living on the Black” by John Feinstein

With Living on the Black: Two Pitchers, Two Teams, One Season to Remember, John Feinstein meticulously details the 2007 seasons of two future Hall of Famers – New York Mets starting pitcher Tom Glavine and New York Yankees starting pitcher Mike Mussina. It would prove to be the penultimate season in the career of eachContinue reading “What I’m Reading: “Living on the Black” by John Feinstein”

What I’m Reading: “The Gashouse Gang” by John Heidenry

Despite its title, John Heidenry’s “The Gashouse Gang: How Dizzy Dean, Leo Durocher, Branch Rickey, Pepper Martin, and Their Colorful, Come-From-Behind Ball Club Won the World Series – and America’s Heart – During the Great Depression” is mostly a book about the 1934 St. Louis Cardinals’ star pitcher – Dizzy Dean. Of course, the bookContinue reading “What I’m Reading: “The Gashouse Gang” by John Heidenry”