What I’m Reading: “The Year of the Pitcher” by Sridhar Pappu

In The Year of the Pitcher: Bob Gibson, Denny McLain, and the End of Baseball’s Golden Age, author Sridhar Pappu seeks to put the 1968 baseball season in the larger context of political and societal turmoil embroiling the nation. While I always appreciate it when baseball books place the events taking place on the fieldContinue reading “What I’m Reading: “The Year of the Pitcher” by Sridhar Pappu”

What I’m Reading: “That’s a Winner” by Jack Buck

In “Jack Buck: That’s a Winner,” the legendary Cardinals announcer takes readers through his life, first as a poor family in Cleveland, Ohio, then as a soldier in World War II, and then as a broadcaster. Buck’s most interesting stories are about his military service, where he served in Europe and was awarded the PurpleContinue reading “What I’m Reading: “That’s a Winner” by Jack Buck”

What I’m Reading: “Uppity” by Bill White

With the passing of Bob Gibson and Lou Brock earlier this year, Bill White’s story is all the more important. From his days as the only black player on the San Francisco Giants’ Class B affiliate in Danville, Va., to his early days with the Cardinals playing under Solly Hemus and his leadership in changingContinue reading “What I’m Reading: “Uppity” by Bill White”

September 18, 1968: Ray Washburn matches Gaylord Perry’s no-hitter

The excitement of Gaylord Perry’s no-hitter against the Cardinals hadn’t worn off yet when Ray Washburn stepped to the Candlestick Park mound on September 18, 1968. As improbably as it seemed that 30-year-old right-hander would match Perry’s accomplishment, trainer Bob Bauman had an inkling. “When I was working on Washburn just before the game, IContinue reading “September 18, 1968: Ray Washburn matches Gaylord Perry’s no-hitter”

May 20, 1964: Gibson strikes out 12 Cubs in a 1-0 shutout

Heading into the Cardinals’ May 20, 1964, game against the Chicago Cubs, Bob Gibson knew he needed to do something different. So like the Karate Kid 20 years later, Gibson got to work polishing his car. “I threw well in spring training, but my shoulder has been stiff since then,” Gibson said. “I had toContinue reading “May 20, 1964: Gibson strikes out 12 Cubs in a 1-0 shutout”